Toronto Blue Jays Mural—

David Loran, co-owner of One Day Creative Group, adds to the ALCS excitement in Toronto with a Blue Jays mural in the West Wing at Union Station.

Toronto artist Loran explains “that the idea is to make it engaging, that each panel is a different image that people can take photos with, but they all go together as one narrative…”

To watch Loran explain more about his process, click here.

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Summer highlights

Summer highlights at Union— Didn't have a chance to check out the programming at Union over the summer? Here is our summer recap of what happened: TD, our founding partner, celebrated Pride and the Blue Jays Over 100 kids joined the Design Exchange in the West Wing...

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Fall for Dance North—

Toronto commuters will experience free dance and music programming at peak times throughout the day – all part of FFDN’s mission to help promote and support the dance art form.

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