I am land curated by Maya Wilson-Sanchez

I am land curated by Maya Wilson-Sanchez

I am land

curated by Maya Wilson-Sanchez

October 27, 2021 – October 2, 2022

I am land is a three-part exhibition series that explores the role of the artist as a chronicler. Many artists have a deep interest in representing the past, exploring the present, and imagining the future. This series and its public programs are a part of the ArtworxTO Hubs and highlight and celebrate how individuals and communities have the power to create their own histories.

I am land that remembers

March 2 to May 29, 2022

Exploring monuments and archives, this exhibition questions what we remember, how we remember, and who makes those choices. It includes artworks that examine the processes of history-making while creating new relationships to the past and the future. I am land that remembers is the second chapter of the I am land exhibition series and considers how artists take on the role of chroniclers. From Iván Argote’s investigations and interventions into monuments, to Miles Rufelds’s and Tania Willard’s critical take on researching within the archive, the exhibition considers how we approach official history. It questions which kinds of stories exist in the public imaginary while others are untold. Additionally, artists Venuca Evanán Vivanco, Glenna Cardinal, and artist duo MADEYOULOOK showcase oral and visual storytelling while Shellie Zhang’s work traces a transitory space of remembrance. This exhibition brings up ideas of public history and empowers collective history-making, demanding that our public spaces reflect our past, present, and future.

Find this exhibit in the West Wing, Oak Room, and Front Street Promenade Vitrine.



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Mar 02 2022 - May 29 2022


All Day


West Wing, Oak Room, Vitrine - Front Street Promenade