Street Level—

West Wing—  

A light-filled space to enjoy a Pilot coffee while you watch the ebb and flow of the city as you await your trip. Together with Union’s Founding Sponsor and exclusive Financial Services Partner, TD Bank Group, we will be bringing ongoing arts and cultural events, a platform for community building and surprises for commuters in this space.

GO Bay Concourse—

The GO is doubling peak service and quadrupling off-peak service over the next ten years. This concourse will service commuters with even more options for “grab and go” meals to optimize travel journeys through Union.

GO York Concourse—  

Connecting you to your daily commute, this space takes “grab and go” to a whole new level. With one of a kind store designs built to optimize serving time and big name cafés like Starbucks Express, Booster Juice and McCafé , there is no excuse for not having a great breakfast when you’re at Union. On your way home, don’t forget to pick up dessert at Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake.

East Wing—  

A beautiful room that continues the opulence and grandeur of the Great Hall. Strategically located at the heart of the financial district, this space will become home to a high-profile signature restaurant.

Great Hall—  

A major piece of Toronto’s heritage is being reinvigorated on Front Street. As restoration continues and in the tradition of the great train stations of Europe, visitors will be able to enjoy a meal on the newly created mezzanine level in coming years.

VIA Concourse—  

Head down the ramp to board your train and await your VIA Rail experience. We’re revitalizing this busy area of the station to uncover beautiful historical accents and make your experience even more efficient.