TD Music Fridays

Date: Friday November 24th
Time: 4 to 6pm
Location: York Street Promenade

TD Music Fridays have returned to Union. There are unique, exciting emerging artists to be uncovered in every part of our great city. TD Music Fridays will showcase #TorontoMade talent.

Playing this week—

Andee Leclerc

Command Sisters

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Union Chicken’s Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad Recipe!

This month at Union our theme is Creativity, which obviously extends to getting creative in the kitchen, so we enlisted our friends at Union Chicken to give us advice on a brand new recipe. April is also a month of thinking ahead: spring is right around the corner,...

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In Conversation With: Naki Osutei

What does Union’s monthly theme of Renewal mean to you? As a transit hub, Union played a vital role in the 20th Century as the first location many new Canadians arrived at as they made their way into Toronto or further west in Canada via the train. In advance of...

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Station Signals: Renewal

Spring is the season when creation begins. Flowers blooms, baby animals are born, the earth warms up, and many people begin to feel that sense of renewal and hope from the inside out. Exciting things start to happen in the spring. That’s why, this month, we arelooking at the Possibility of Renewal.

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