icon Station Signals: Joy

Station Signals: Joy

It’s the dog days of summer and we’ve had a great one so far in Toronto. I hope that those warm afternoons and balmy summer nights have brought you down to experience Union Summer-Presented by TD. Seeing office workers, tourists, concert goers and everyone in between down at the station has brought our team a lot of joy this past month and so this is our continued theme into August.  

We are exploring the Possibility of Joy as the last two weeks of the Union Summer market continues until August 19th. There are still secret menu items to try at our delicious food vendors, amazing independent local acts to catch and movies to watch under the stars as part of the Union Film series.  If you haven’t managed to make it down yet, what are you waiting for? Believe me you will want this memory to hold onto for a chilly February morning! The market is showcasing ‘Where Toronto is Going’ with a curated mix of local food vendors giving you a sneak peek of the restaurants that are inside the station and those that will soon be joining us!

Full details are here for you to plan your visit but, some highlights in August include: 

 I look forward to meeting you at Union,

Vanessa McDonald
VP Brand Strategy & Partnerships