• May 9 @ 12PM-2PM & 3PM-6PM
  • May 10 @ 12PM-2PM & 3PM-6PM
  • May 11 @ 12PM-2PM & 3PM-6PM
  • May 12 @ 12PM-2PM & 3PM-6PM
  • May 13 @ 12PM-2PM & 3PM-6PM

Music is a language that everyone in the universe can speak. My task is to match melodies, bass lines, harmonies and rhythmic drum patterns that sync so well together that it sparks a level energy in my listeners.

NETTO’s music and brand aligns with the diversity of Toronto. NETTO stays busy perfecting his craft, releasing music, organizing events and DJ’ing internationally. Round 13.0 graduate of The Remix Project, an organization refining the raw talent of youth in the cities of Toronto and Chicago.

What inspired you to DJ?

My love for music initially is what inspired me to DJ. I grew up playing Brazilian carnival drums and instruments by ear since the age of 4 at the professional level. My mother also played a huge role exposing me to live musicians and the performing arts, traveling to different cities and events within the city with her dance company.

I started planning my own events during high school and would make mixes on virtual DJ, fast forward to 2017 once I joined the Remix Project I was heavily influenced by DJ Grouch who is my mentor. Since then I have my own collection of DJ turn tables and have been inspired to master my craft.

What is on your playlist right now?

I have a wide range of music I love, so on my playlist there will be music in different languages; Hip-Hop/R&B (Old school and new).

What is your favourite thing about Union Station?

I grew up downtown and Union Station was a part of many childhood memories, from sporting events to cultural events and concerts. My favourite thing about Union Station is that it provides a cultural platform for the city of Toronto. It’s a large and beautiful subway station where people can hear languages from all over the world spoken, see diverse people from all walks of life. That is a privilege that can’t be taken for granted and Union Station in its own special way provides that for the city of Toronto.

What’s something surprising about you that people may not know?

Something surprising about me that people may not know is that I am tri-lingual English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. I play multiple instruments. But the most surprising thing is that I have a wish that some day in my life time I will have the opportunity to orbit the earth, see our beautiful planet from space. Imagine listening to music in space. I feel it would give me a deeper appreciation for mother nature and the planet. And YES! IM A STARWARS FAN.