Artist Spotlight: Janice Toulouse

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Jul 20 2023 - Oct 1 2023


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Front Street Promenade Vitrine

Union proudly presents:
2023 Artist Spotlight: Janice Toulouse

Toronto is home to many talented artists, and Union and City of Toronto are committed to the exhibition of public art to enrich communities and shine a spotlight on local artists. Frequently, open calls for submissions are held for public art projects, and we are constantly enthralled by the breadth and depth of work submitted, making it challenging to select only one finalist. This project was born out of a love for Janice’s art, and although she was not selected for the Unionale project, the programming team was committed to finding a home for her pieces here in the Front Street promenade. Her work will rotate on a quarterly basis for the duration of 2023.

Currently on display: Red Drum and Save The Trees

Red Drum Acrylic on canvas, 22 x 60 inches, 2020. During an artist retreat in the picturesque south of France, Janice ventured outdoors to embrace the liberating world of abstract gesture painting. Little did she know that her canvas would transform into a beautiful semblance of a drum and its stick – a shape she holds close to her heart as a player of the Ojibwe traditional hand drum. Now, she’s thrilled to bring this creation back to her home country, Canada, and share it with all of you.

Save The Trees Acrylic on canvas, 22 x 60 inches, 2020. Janice’s journey in the south of France led her to create this poignant masterpiece while immersed in the freedom of abstract gesture painting. As she was trying to paint peacefully, an unfortunate incident occurred – witnessing a neighbor cut down a tree so harshly that it left the tree looking sad and devastated. This profound moment inspired her to advocate for a cleaner climate and an end to clearcutting forests. Her artwork serves as a powerful reminder that we must stand together to preserve our precious trees and protect nature’s delicate balance.

Janice Toulouse

 Janice Toulouse is a senior Ojibwe artist, a member of Garden River First Nation, born and raised in Serpent River and Toronto. She lives in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. She was the first in history Indigenous graduate and earned a Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal in 1985. She taught Painting and Indigenous Art History at Emily Carr University in Vancouver for twenty years until retiring in 2017. Her art practice is to share her life as a Anishinaabe Kwe painter and storyteller. Her artworks investigate

land rights and the respect of nature and traditional spiritual beliefs. She pursues her artistic work to create paintings and installations that honor her Anishinaabe ancestry. Her work is in public collections across Canada. She has exhibited internationally, in Canada, U.S.A, and Europe. Toulouse is an awards recipient, including: 2019 Ontario

Arts Council Indigenous Arts Award, 2017 Canada 150 Hnatyshyn Art Award, and 2009 Canada Council of the Arts, International Travel Grant.

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