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Where is Union Station located?

Union Station is located at 65 Front Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

Click here to locate it on Google Maps.

When is Union Station open?

The official station hours are 5:30am to 12:45am daily.

The western doors on the centre of the plaza leading into the Great Hall are unlocked from 5:00am to 2:00am. These are the only doors accessible outside of the official station hours and only for people entering the station with the purpose of using the UP Express. The Great Hall doors are accessible from Front Street off Sir John A. Macdonald plaza. Please use the western doors on the centre of the plaza only.

Is there parking available?

There is no parking available at Union Station.

There are a number of public parking garages located close to Union Station. Click here for a map highlighting local garages and their contact information.

How do I get there?

Union Station is accessible by subway, bus, train and foot. Please click here for directions from your location.

Does Union Station have a place to store luggage?

No. There are no public lockers or baggage storage at Union Station. Please plan ahead if you are arriving with baggage. VIA Rail offers a baggage check-in for its passengers. Please contact a VIA Rail representative at 888-842-7245 or visit VIA’s website for more information.

What accommodations are made for visitors with disabilities?

Union Station is accessible to visitors with disabilities. Among the many benefits of Union Station’s revitalization is that the station will be fully compliant with the Ontario Building Code, making it barrier-free and accessible to all.

Once complete, the revitalization will result in the following:

  • A barrier-free path of travel throughout the facility from a designated barrier-free entrance
  • Dedicated elevators or ramps serving every primary pedestrian path that provides access to and from the VIA concourse, GO concourses, TTC or any of the adjoining buildings and streets
  • Elevators and ramps placed as close to the primary pedestrian paths as possible
  • Better signage and lighting that meet modern accessibility requirements
  • Washrooms with barrier-free accommodations

Are there public restrooms in Union Station?

There are washrooms located in the West Wing and the GO York Concourse. Please check on our directory for exact locations.

I lost an item. How do I contact Lost and Found?

There are three lost and found departments at Union Station. For the City of Toronto lost and found department, call the City Security Unit at 416-338-8000, or see the security desk (temporarily relocated to the York Street Promenade). For GO Transit’s lost and found area, located in the GO York Concourse, call 416-869-3600 ext. 7273. For VIA Rail’s lost and found department, call 416-956-7639, or see a VIA customer service representative.

How do I find out more about construction at Union?

For further information or construction updates, please address any questions to the City of Toronto.

Am I able to bring my pet in the building?

If you are travelling with your pet, please ensure your pet is housed in a carrier or on leash at all times.

Am I able to bring my bike in the building?

You may dismount and walk with your bike in the building however, it is strictly forbidden to ride or park your bike in the station. Union Station offers a newly built facility off of the York Promenade (entrance is south of Front Street, just before you enter the York Street East Teamway).

The facility features 160 bike racks, a change room, and a shower with towels provided. It also houses an office where staff can register new members and renew bike parking plans for any of Toronto’s bicycle stations.

How do I find out about train information, and other transit related issues?

For information about travel and our transit partners, please visit their websites.

Ticketing issues

For any ticketing issues, you should contact the transportation company you are travelling with.

  • For VIA Rail, please call 1-888-842-7245
  • For UP Express, please call 1-844-438-6687
  • For GO Transit, please call 416-869-3200

If I want to take pictures in Union Station, would I need a permit?

Anyone is free to take pictures or video inside Union Station. However, if you will be using professional equipment, like a tripod, or if you will be using the content for commercial purposes, you will need to get a permit through the events and programming department. For any filming requests, please contact julia@torontounion.ca at least two weeks in advance of the date you wish to shoot. For any photography requests, please contact alexa@torontounion.ca at least two weeks in advance of the date you wish to shoot. Please note that any larger-scale filming or photography shoots may require more advance notice.

There may be additional licensing and fee requirements if you will be using the resulting photos or videos for commercial purposes.

We encourage everyone to post their pictures of Union Station on social media. Use #WhereTorontoisGoing, and we may choose to share your picture on Instagram!

There may be additional licensing and fee requirements if you will be using the photographs for commercial purposes.

Can you travel to the Pearson Airport and/ or Billy Bishop from Union Station?

Yes. The UP Express gets you from Union Station to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in a reliable 25 minutes with trains leaving every 15 minutes. The first train is at 5:30am and the last train leaves Union at 1am.

There is a Billy Bishop Airport shuttle that is just across the street from Union Station located outside the Royal York Hotel’s western entrance on York Street, near the north-east corner of York Street and Front Street.

Taxis are also available on Front Street.

I am interested in renting event space in Union Station. How can I obtain more information?

Please email your event request to jessica@torontounion.ca.

How do I become a vendor at your Winter and Summer markets?

Applications are posted to the torontounion.ca homepage. Join our e-mail list to stay up-to-date.

How do I lease retail space within Union?

For all leasing inquiries, please contact our retail leasing consultants at info@beauleigh.com

I am interested in doing a marketing activation in Union Station. How can I obtain more information?

Please email your marketing activation request to jessica@torontounion.ca.

If I want to advertise in Union Station, who would I contact?

Please email your event request to jessica@torontounion.ca.

Looking for an ATM, where can I find one?

There are multiple TD ATM’s located at Union Station including a foreign currency ATM for US $ located in the West Wing at the westernmost entrance to Union from Front Street. In addition, there are two ATM’s in the GO York Concourse, one behind the Via Concourse and one in the Front Street Promenade as well as one in the Union Food Court. Each are accessible via Google Indoor Street View.

TD will also be providing more ATM’s in various locations throughout Union Station Please stay tuned to torontounion.ca for further updates, and sign up for our newsletter!