Gary Kendall Trio

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Aug 12 2024 - Aug 12 2024


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


TD Stage

Gary Kendall has been a working musician for 60 years. A multiple Maple Blues Award winner, member of The Downchild Blues Band, The Maple Blues Band, The Hogtown Allstars, The Mighty Duck Blues Band, The Swingin Blackjacks.

When Gary Kendall goes to work, he drives to the airport to get on a plane or slips behind the wheel of his car to travel a few hours down the highway to next gig.  In 2023 he began to feel like he needed a place to play closer to home when not on the road. The perfect scenerio would be a funky club no more than 10 minutes out of his driveway.  Knowing that the neighborhood joints would have limited resourses the trio format was the best plan.  Tyler Burgess and Teddy Leonard, two longtime musicial collaborators received the call and after their first gig it was obvious that The Gary Kendall Trio had something.  Something to develop and take to another level.  It sounds right, feels right and looks right.

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