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Aug 6 2023 - Aug 6 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


TD Stage

Wielding a sound that would turn classical music scholars to stone, Medusa is reimagining the Western string quartet. By inviting back traditional folk fiddles previously regarded as too ugly for “polite society,” the band tempts us to redefine what is beautiful. Medusa cross-pollinates the sounds of Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Celtic, Appalachian, and Eastern European music, as well as original tunes, to create something new. Instead of the rejected, snake-haired Gorgon that legend has painted her as, the band sees Medusa as a symbol of vision, power, and inclusivity. Medusa is: Georgia Hathaway, Lea Kirstein, Marta Sołek, and Saskia Tomkins.

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