SHOUT! the band

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Aug 18 2024 - Aug 18 2024


12:30 pm - 2:30 pm


TD Stage

Known as the LOUDEST voice in the Canadian brass scene, SHOUT! Is Canada’s BIGGEST party and show band. Featuring 12 of Canada’s most talented performers, with members hailing from as far as Ghana and Argentina, the secret to SHOUT!’s iconic sound comes from the roots of jazz in New Orleans, mixed with musical concepts from all around the world, including percussion and rhythmic patterns introduced from South America, and harmonies and melodic styles from across Asia and Africa.

Formed in Toronto in 2019, SHOUT! The band began as a small busking band of students from U of T and Humber College, playing makeshift shows on the streets. These early sidewalk shows featuring only a handful of horns quickly exploded as the band grew in both size and popularity, growing to a full 12-piece band, taking the city by storm, and drawing crowds so large that major city traffic came to a standstill.

As their reputation continued to grow, the band transitioned from street corners to stages and festivals, playing at venues across Canada, bringing their infectious performances to wider audiences leaving fans captivated in their wake.

SHOUT! Quickly became notorious for their iconic sound and energy, garnering the attention of major players within the music industry, leading to collaborations and performances with artists such as Anderson Paak, Maurice Brown, and Benny Benack III.

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