TDot Batu

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Jul 1 2024 - Jul 1 2024


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


TD Stage

TDot Batu is a Toronto-based Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble. The group studies the tradition and fusion of samba and reggae, and performs rhythms that reflect the energy of Brazil. Influenced by famous blocos (street bands) like Olodum and Timbalada, the band infuses their music with the spirit of Bahia’s Carnaval.

TDot Batu is led by Mestre Pato Irie. Trained in Salvador, Bahia Brazil, Pato composes authentic Bahian-style samba reggae while paying homage to its importance as a style unique to Salvador that emerged as a celebration of Black identity in 1970’s Brazil. Contributing to local and international projects, Pato collaborates on celebrations showcasing the diversity, vibrancy and culture of Brazil.

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