Union Beats Skate Night: SEKII

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Jan 12 2024 - Jan 12 2024


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


TD West Carriageway
DJ Sekii

Join us rinkside at Union Winter Roller Express every Friday night for our Union Beats Skate Nights! From 5pm-9pm some of Toronto’s most exciting DJs will be on deck to soundtrack your skate.

Born and raised in Toronto, Sekii, of Nigerian and Trinidadian descent, is a DJ with a unique sound rooted in her cultural heritage. She explores the diversity of Black music, drawing from the African diaspora, blending genres and eras to create a fresh yet familiar experience. With a keen ear for hidden gems and lesser-known tracks, she keeps the energy high by incorporating unique edits of well-known tunes. Her sets celebrate the rich musical traditions of the African diaspora, showcasing their global influence, and she aims to evoke liberation and joy within people.

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