Social Dance Night: Zahra Moves

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Aug 15 2024 - Aug 15 2024


5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


TD Stage

Zahra Harriet Badua is a product of her culture. Everything she does is a testament to her love for dance, education, her culture and its rich history. Born in Tobruk, Libya to Ghanaian parents, Zahra’s passion for dance started at a very young age as a means to dive deeper in understanding of her West African heritage. She wears many hats; dance educator, movement coach, choreographer and dance administrator to name a few.

Her dance training is rooted in various West African and Caribbean dance forms and has performed, taught and choreographed for various dance companies, schools and events within the Greater Toronto Area, Kingston Ontario, Montreal, Winnipeg and Memphis Tennessee.

Zahra is the founder of an educational and performance based company called ZahraMoves. The education aspect focuses on providing the historical and cultural context, the complexities, richness and the beauty of African diasporic dances. The performance component of the brand produces a collection of video projects and curated showcases to provide opportunities for emerging artists of color.

Zahra also works as a movement coach for adults with different developmental abilities and children living with autism. In her dance administration work she is the Engagement and Administrative Coordinator for dance Immersion, which is a black led non-profit organization that promotes, produces and supports Black dances and dancers from the African Diaspora.

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