Union Art

Art fills our lives with colour, stories and emotion, which is why Union is proud to present year-round rotation of public art- including exhibits and pieces throughout the station. Next time you are at Union, take a walk and tour all the amazing pieces on display!


Unionnale, sponsored by TD

Presenting FLUX by Esmond Lee

You say ale, we say alley. Inspired by the streets and alleys of Toronto decked with art, Unionnale is a space envisioned to animate the south corridor of the Union Market with art by local artists. The space was created as a special art “alley” which provides visual storytelling and interest through a fun and creative artistic moment in the heart of Union Station. As part of Union’s continuing contemporary programming, the public art in Unionnale will rotate every two years, with artists chosen through a juried selection process. Unionnale is part of ArtworxTO’s public art initiative.

This piece can be found in the new Union Market on the lower level

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All Beings Connected

Presented by Union and the Downie & Wenjack Fund, and sponsored by TD.

This two-part exhibit, by father-son duo August and Luke Swinson, speaks to our personal relationship and dedication to the land and its inhabitants, and the enduring strength of Indigenous peoples.

The first art piece, called All Beings Connected, was created by artist August Swinson. The figure in the center is rooted and is drawing strength from the earth beneath, symbolizing our personal relationship and dedication to the land and its inhabitants.

The second art piece, called The Original Treaties, was created by artist Luke Swinson. It represents the peaceful treaties Anishinaabe people made with the earth, sky and all living beings. Treaties allow us to work together, uphold our commitments and nourish relationships with creation. The hand holding an eagle feather symbolizes our connection to Creator and the enduring strength of our people. All living things, including the life-giving waters come together under Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.

You can find All Beings Connected on display in the Great Hall, and The Original Treaties on display in the Front Street Promenade Vitrine.

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Black Dreams & Aspirations

Experience the vibrant voices of contemporary Black artists at the Black Dreams and Aspirations art exhibit in the West Wing and Oak Room. Co-curated with MakeRoom Inc. and sponsored by TD, featuring special guest artist Yasin Osman, this captivating exhibition invites you to explore the concept of dreaming while Black.

Running from February 15 to August 31, this limited-time exhibit showcases the works of 12 talented artists. The exhibit will be split into two parts, with the first six artists’ works on display initially and the other six artists’ works replacing them halfway through the duration. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness bold colors, regal stances, and dreamlike states, all reflecting themes of community, self-possession, connection to the past, creativity, and the power of imagination.

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