• April 8 @ 4-8pm
  • April 14 @ 4-8pm
  • April 19 @ 4-8pm
  • April 29 @ 4-8pm

Dj Lewy V is an open format dj from Toronto. He keeps crowds moving with his smooth blends, and has become a "go-to” artist for various events throughout the city.

For the past seven years, Dj Lewy V has kept crowds moving with his smooth blends, and has become a “go-to” artist for all types of events throughout Toronto, Canada. Great music selection partnered with the exciting energy he puts into every gig has helped to establish him as one of the most sought-after up and coming Dj’s in the city. Every Dj Lewy V set is mixed  perfectly for the venue and crowd of any gig.

He also loves spinning in his Local community, while mixing different kinds of events inbetween, such as club events, corporate events, festivals, fashion shows, performance shows, school events & bridal/wedding shows.

Since 2011, Lewy has worked with some of the hottest shows, parties and artists in Toronto. In 2013, he became the official Dj for RISE Edutainment, a performance hotspot based out of Scarborough. He was also the official Dj for the Boxman art Exhibit during the Nuit Blanche festival for repetitive years. In between he has helped curate a musical atmosphere for many other companies such as The Remix Project, Nike, City Of Toronto, and multiple club promoters and owners throughout Toronto.

Lewy seeks to bring the vibe through his music selection and smooth blends in a way that goes beyond the horizons of a field that is saturated with repetitive sounds. He actively seeks to mix sounds that are one step ahead of the normal industry trends.

Looking towards the future, Lewy continually pushes himself musically and professionally and is always eager to share his love for music with those he meets.

What inspired you to DJ?

When I initially began DJing I was strongly inspired by Caribbean DJ’s and their ability to bring energy to events in a way that was much different than other genres growing up. That initial inspiration sparked my true love of the craft. As I continued to dive into the craft, DJ’s like Starting from Scratch and Jazzy Jeff helped me fall in love with the more technical aspect of DJing with their smooth blends and mixes.

What is on your playlist right now?

My playlist has a bit of everything, from Caribbean artist Koffee to hip-hop artist Benny the Butcher, But I always gotta big up my fav artists from the CIty like TOBi, LOONY, Jivy Lewis, Ashm, Clairmont the Second and Stretch to name a few.

What is your favourite thing about Union Station?

My fav thing has to be the many cultures you’ll be able to see by just being in the station for a minute! It really shows the melting pot that our city represents!

What’s something surprising about you that people may not know?

I love anime.