DJ Shannyn Hill


  • June 3 @ 4-8pm
  • June 8 @ 4-8pm
  • June 17 @ 4-8pm
  • June 24 @ 4-8pm

I love how diverse Union Station is and how everyone there has a story.

DJ Shannyn Hill is a self taught open format DJ from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Her deep love for music is heavily influenced by her father who would always play 60s and 70s soul on his record player. She’s known for her party rocking DJ sets and live performances with artists around the city of Toronto. She is the official DJ for Toronto HipHop artist Tara Lord. The DJ & Artist duo recently launched a music festival, Sol Flower Fest, and will be performing together at Rolling Loud Toronto in September. She is currently enrolled in The Remix Project, and set to graduate in December 2022. DJ Shannyn Hill plans to continue building her name in the entertainment scene, use her platform to push Toronto music, and spread good vibes to people all around the world.

What inspired you to DJ?

Mixing music is something I’ve always been interested in. I first started by mixing music with just my laptop using Virtual DJ. Then I watched a Netflix series called The Get Down during the first lock down spring of 2020 and that’s what really inspired me to start spinning on real DJ equipment, and outside DJing as a career. The series discusses the history of HipHop and shows how DJs spun with just 2 turntables and a mixer, no computer.

What is on your playlist right now?

I’ve just recently started listening to more afrobeats, amapiano, future beats, and house music.

What is your favourite thing about Union Station?

I love how diverse Union Station is and how everyone there has a story. Whether they’re on their way to or from work, or passing through from New York on the Mega Bus, it’s a great place to be to see Toronto’s diverse society.

What’s something surprising about you that people may not know?

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I used to own a digital marketing agency, running paid Facebook and Google ads, and building e-commerce websites for clients.