February 15 – August 31

Union Presents

Black Dreams & Aspirations

– Sponsored by TD

Co-curated with MakeRoom Inc. and
featuring special guest artist Yasin Osman

An art exhibit in the West Wing highlighting
contemporary black voices.

Black Dreams and Aspirations started with an open call for artists to address the question: What does it mean to dream while Black? Union’s programming team, TD’s Art Curator, MakeRoom Inc. and guest judges James Yeboah and Shuraine Otto-Olak, selected twelve artists for a two-part exhibition series that explores themes of community, self-possession, connection to the past, creativity, and the power of imagination.

Located in the West Wing, this first instalment of the two-part series features the works of six artists: Yaw Tony, Yomi, Orimoloye, Sarah Waithe, Miss Daisy, Kahame Msiska and Segun Caezar. These voices interconnect to share past hopes and hope for a new future. The collective dreams are visually presented as a sequence of figures, giving the feeling of a single body in motion. Bold colours intermingle as regal stances and dreamlike states collide to look forward and back simultaneously.

In addition to the group series, special guest artist Yasin Osman is presenting a solo exhibition titled Dreaming in Colour, a poignant exploration of youth and aspiration, featuring a collection of large black and white portraits of young Black Somali children aged 11 to 16. Accompanying these striking visuals are narratives detailing their dreams and aspirations. This collection aims to honour these young people’s resilience, hope, and untapped potential. This exhibition will be presented in the Oak Room at Union and will run the length of the exhibition.

Photograph of a Black woman whose clothes and hair are made of clouds, holding a wooden stick in one hand, and multicoloured building blocks in the other. Pink flowers and green moss are growing across her arms and shoulders