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Culinary Creativity with Chef Mike of Amano Pasta

Throughout May we have been celebrating the Possibility of Creativity at Union. From incredible vocalists and dancers to a special upcoming Doors Open edition of Union Draws, we’ve been excited to showcase the various formats, outlets and mediums that creativity can take.

Day in and day out, a form of creativity happens right in the York Street Promenade in the form of the delicious dishes being created. Cooking is in the hands of talented Chefs is a unique form of creativity unto itself. We sat down with Chef Mike Angeloni who helms Amano Pasta to talk about this topic.

Union: This month’s theme at Union is the Possibility of Creativity, what aspect of cooking do you find most creative? What is your creative process when creating a new dish?

Chef Mike:

U: Some people find creativity thrives with a blank slate, others get really creative within a set of limitations. What do you prefer? How does it apply to cooking?


U: Italian cooking can be perceived to be very traditional. What are some of the most creative dishes on the menu?


U: In terms of creative presentation, what advice would you give to home cooks?


Happy cooking, happy eating & happy creating from the Union & Amano Pasta!