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Retail Neighbourhood Spotlight: Union Market

Experience flavours and cuisines from around the world all in one place—Union Market, located in Union Station. From the Indian cuisine at #DESI to the traditional Brazilian desserts served at Chocollata, there’s something for everyone. Not hungry? Union Market also offers sports apparel and gift-ready flower bouquets that are sure to delight. Explore Union Market today. 

And guess what? We’re always keeping things fresh at Union Market, and you’re in for a very sweet pop-up surprise – Isabella’s Donuts is here! Keep reading to learn more about what we offer in our delightful Union Market. 

The Alley 

At the Alley, bubbles are for slurping and not bursting. Come experience exceptional teas like no other.  Using only the finest house-made cane sugar and fresh tapioca mixed with carefully selected tea leaves, treat your taste buds to flavour town with a selection of beverages that will have you bubbling over with joy. Stop by and try a Bubble Tea today!


Calling all chocoholics, Chocolatta will comfort your craving. Family owned and operated, Toronto’s first ever Brigadeiro shop Chocollata makes this Brazilian delicacy using only the finest natural ingredients. With endless flavours to choose from, Chocollata has the perfect treat that will make you say ‘delicioso’!


A taste of India in Union Station. At #Desi, come explore and experience all the aromatic flavours prepared and offered at  this Boutique Indian Grocer and Eatery, now at Union Market. From essential Indian herbs, spices and snacks to traditional curry dishes, #DESI is your new Indian cuisine destination.


A French delicacy with a Japanese infusion. At Hazukido, the buttery flaky goodness of a croissant is elevated with delectable flavours made from fresh premium ingredients, and free of preservatives or additives.  With over 40 delicious creations to choose from, at Hazukido, the croissant craze is real.      

Kibo Market

Kibo Market is the go-to Asian grocery store with special sushi, maki and bento. Kibo Market is tyour new go-to spot if you are craving authentic freshly made Japanese cuisine on the go. Bite into Bento, munch on some maki, or savour Kibo Market’s selection of sushi, fresh Japanese food the right way. 

Lena’s Floral Designs 

Beauty and elegance is unmatched at Lena’s Floral Designs, with flowers that you will absolutely fall in love with. With a variety of offerings, such as corporate and wedding florals and interior décor, you don’t want to miss out.      

Manotas Organics

If you love authentic Latin and Spanish food that is farmed right from the source, then Manotas Organics is the place to go.  From empanadas to churros and everything in-between, Manotas has a delicious selection of classic Latin and Spanish food that is made from 100% natural ingredients.    

Patties Express

Whether you are a spicy or non-spicy person, meat lover or vegan, Patties Express has a freshly baked flaky Jamaican Patty ready to be devoured by you.  You don’t have to be in the Caribbean to feel like you’re in paradise, the patties from Patties Express should do. 

Wetzel’s Pretzels

30 years later and Wetzel’s Pretzels continues to create and deliver mouthwatering pretzels that are perfectly soft with every bite.  From the savoury classic pretzel to the sweet sinful cinnamon, pop by Union Station for these premium hand rolled pretzels. 

Pop Up: Starting Six Powered by Lids

Whether you are pulling for the Leafs during the playoffs, going bananas for the Blue Jays, or repping the Raps just right, Starting Six is your number one destination for everything Toronto sports. 

New Pop-Up: Isabella’s Donut

Guess what? We have something very sweet and a‘dough’able in store for you! This is something you ‘donut’ want to miss. Get ready for 27 Award Winner- Isabella’s Mochi Doughnuts, now at Union Station! With flavours changing every week Isabella’s has made more than 545 different flavours till now, each one being a superstar. They are here for a limited time, remember to stop by to get your bite of joy.

Union Beats: DJ Natty B 

DJ Natty B

DJ Natty B is making everybody move in Union Market with his amazing mixes of Hip-Hop, Dancehall, R&B and more. He will continue to bring the electric beats all month long. Make sure to catch him spinning at Union Market during the following times and dates. 

Tues, Apr 16: 11:30am-1:30pm & 3:30pm-6:30pm

Tues, Apr 30: 11:30am-1:30pm & 3:30pm-6:30pm

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