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Shopkeepers of Union: #DESI

It’s no surprise how the popularity of Indian cuisine has increased in Canada in the last couple of decades. Union Station is proud to host the wonderful flavours and tastes of India in one of our newest stores, #DESI. Located in the Union Market, family owned and operated #DESI could not have opened at a better time. We had the pleasure of speaking with #DESI owner and co-founder, Sandip Rathod, about what the store offers, and what’s coming soon!

We had felt a gap in the accessibility of South Asian food and stores in downtown Toronto – especially since the large influx of international students and professionals coming from India over the past few years” says Sandip Rathod.

We are excited that #DESI can make South Asian food more accessible downtown Toronto. And since opening in March, #DESI has had an overwhelmingly positive reception!

We have had a very welcoming experience from commuters using Union Station” exclaims Rathod. “So many individuals, both visitors and locals alike, have expressed their delight in seeing a South Asian store inside Union Station. The amount of support has been overwhelming, and we are thrilled to call Toronto our home!”

Offering a blend ready-to-savour meals and a boutique grocery selection, #DESI carries a wide array of traditional South Asian meat and spices, beverages and frozen goods, artisanal snacks, and even must try in-house curries. A taste of India is literally at #DESI for you to experience and enjoy. And if you’re looking to perfect your next South Asian dish, there are a few important things to note.

“While love is the main ingredient in making any dish delicious, we at #DESI believe authentic Indian dishes are not only known for their traditional spices but perfecting the right blend of them to make the food delicious and healthy at the same time” exclaims Rathod.

And for anyone who has yet to come around to indulging in incredible Indian food at #DESI, you should, because as Rathod wholeheartedly remarks, “they don’t know what they are missing!”

And guess what? There is exciting news at #DESI that you should keep your eyes out for soon. “We are introducing more snacks and grab-and-go items in the near future, catered towards commuters in a rush to catch their train or bus” says Rathod.

To ensure you aren’t missing out on everything delightful at #DESI, make sure to follow #DESI on Instagram (@hashtagdesicanada), and Toronto’s Union Station on Instagram and Twitter (@torontounion), and TikTok (@toronto.union).

While your commute isn’t taking you to India, your tastebuds will be engulfed in all the glorious and flavourful love of India when you shop at #DESI.