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Shopkeepers of Union: Lena’s Floral Designs

It’s true, Union Station is indoors and therefore you’d be hard pressed to see the beauty that is outdoor life.  That is until you walk down the Union Market where the vibrant abundance of colours and smells of flowers in their utmost beautiful state are ever present at Lena’s Floral Designs.  Appropriately named Lena’s Floral Designs, Owner and Creative director Lena Pham says her love of flowers and wanting to work with them started early on in her life.

The thing that most prominently sparked my love for flowers and working with them is my childhood” Pham says.  “My uncle was in the entertainment industry, so he brought back flowers to display often. “Watching him work arranging them to brighten up the room highlights my childhood memories and brings back nostalgia” remarks Pham.

The sensation that Pham experienced in childhood sparked her desire to study business, where it has led her to become a proud owner of Union Station’s location, which opened its doors this May.  With the shop specializing in events and special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc, there is certainly more that goes into how the flowers are presented than you would first come to expect.

The creative process I undergo has much to do with the mood and general vibe of the occasion. Pham says “I take on a lot of different types of occasions where certain flowers and colours would not be appropriate. Pham states “Certain occasions call for richer and more intense colours such as Valentine’s Day, whereas the birth of a new baby requires softer and more pastel colours.”  

“Another large part that plays into my creative process is understanding and having my own take on certain trends. Trends are always changing and to maintain relevance, there needs to be an awareness of it.”

When Pham isn’t spending her day meticulously planning and designing that ‘perfect’ assemble, she’s out searching for that ‘perfect’ dish.  

“I enjoy going out to eat and trying new food places whenever I get the chance. Food is something I take joy in, but it’s the experience of new places and new foods” Pham says. While I tend to focus more on the dishes (the way it is presented and served), the decor of the restaurant is important to the experience as well” Pham adds.  Taking these experiences and sharing them with others is something I enjoy doing almost as much as I enjoy working with flowers”.

Although, Pham’s shop has only been open at Union Station for a mere 3 months now, her time being a new business owner has been an entirely positive experience.

“My experience at Union Station is definitely new and excitingsays Pham. “But the highlight of my time so far here is that it is so rewarding to see the appreciation people have for flowers”. Pham remarks “People that pass by just to look at the flowers I have either brought in that day or made up into bouquets” adds Pham.  “People that stop in their tracks to smell the flowers during their busy days.”   And we here at Union will continue to do so.