Jayda Marley

Jayda Marley is a Femme Afro-Indigenous poet from Toronto.

Jayda Marley is a 19 year old nationally acclaimed Afro-Indigenous poet of Ojibwe & Jamaican Descent, youth activist, and community healer from Tkaronto. As a former competing poet, Jayda holds the 1st place National championship title of “Voices of Today 2018.” She is also the founder and creative director of the new open mic series “For The Queer Coloured Girls After Me.”

Jayda is also one of the founders of the non-profit movement Not Another Black Life. Whether you catch Jayda at an open mic around the city, or on bigger platforms like PrideToronto, Nuit Blanche and Parliament Hill, she is sure to captivate every crowd she touches with her words. When she isn’t performing, Jayda is waist deep in a book or teaching youth across Turtle Island how to use their voices using spoken word, and activism.

“I’m grateful to the communities who are still upholding these spaces for artists, because it really matters to be in a place where I can say ‘I’m here. I’m understood here’.”