Experience the sensations of jazz dance – through rich visuals, sound, and augmented reality - in this cross country collaboration between Fall for Dance North artists-in-residence Natasha Powell (Toronto) and Kimberley Cooper (Calgary).

Visit Union Station’s West Wing and Oak Room to experience the exhibition in person.

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Jazz dance is an art form that originated in African-American communities – it is alive. It’s a gathering space and a meeting place for community. It’s a connection to the syncopated rhythms in the music and sound. It’s an energy that you feel deep down in your soul.

Jazz dance provocateurs and exhibition co-curators Kimberley Cooper and Natasha Powell have recently been brought together by Fall for Dance North, as festival artists-in-residence, to create a cross-country conversation about the history of jazz dance and music, its past and current cultural relevance, and the future of the dance form.

Though these two artists live over 3000 km apart, and have their own unique work styles and processes, they each acknowledge and celebrate a history that is rich, and troubled, often distorted and definitely misunderstood.

Choreographer – Natasha Powell, Work – Rehearsing Dances with Trane (2020), Dancer – Miha Matevzic Photographer – Francesca Chudnoff, Photo courtesy of Holla Jazz

They are contemporary artists working in a contemporary art form, respectfully drawing from this history to create new and compelling jazz expressions with their dance and music collaborators.

Choreographer – Kimberley Cooper, Work – “Cumbia and Jazz Fusion” from Better Get Hit in Your Soul (2019), Dancers – (L-R) Natasha Korney, Sabrina Comanescu, Photographer – Scott Reid, Photo courtesy of DJD

This exhibition features various images of their collaborators, in rehearsal and in performance, vibrantly moving and grooving within Natasha’s and Kimberley’s respective choreographic works. As you trace their movement through these photographs, you’ll also discover a curated playlist of jazz music favourites and an augmented reality experience alighting in the space, featuring the talented dancers of their respective companies.

Let these images and sounds flow through you, and inspire you.

Curated Playlist

Listen to this collection of jazz music favourites, uniquely curated by exhibition co-curators Natasha Powell and Kimberley Cooper, with JAZZ.FM91 music director and on-air host, Brad Barker.

Listen now–

Exhibition Credits

Natasha Powell and Kimberley Cooper are Fall for Dance North’s 2021-2022 Artists-in-Residence, generously supported by John and Claudine Bailey