Jazz was born in the United States of African parents and developed with the Black American experience.

It has a complicated and troubled history. It is often misunderstood.

Natasha Powell and Kimberley Cooper have compiled this list – a collection of some of their influences, inspirations and loves. This may seem like an exhaustive list of resources, but it isn’t. This is just a small sampling of the films, books, websites, and podcasts you can absorb, about jazz dance and music. Perhaps you will uncover some rabbit holes to dive into, and discover some artists and authors that will inspire you too…

Kimberley and Natasha believe very strongly that you have to know where you are coming from in order to know where you are going. They each dance and create with great respect for the past.

And let’s not forget – jazz is a contemporary artform and Natasha and Kimberley are contemporary artists. They urge you to go check out some live jazz music – because without it, there would be no jazz dance! There are places where you can experience jazz in person in Toronto, and they are listed here.

Enjoy – we’re so glad that you came.

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